Rise And Shine

The digital garden metaphor has spread quite far across certain sectors of the internet. As silly as it might sound, I rather like it. The thought of gardening captures a playful spirit around the battle to clean a mess, to cultivate a space to firmly plant yourself, and to encourage something beautiful to grow.

Inspired by these metaphors and the patterns emerging on the internet, I’ve crafted this site as an experiment. Historically, blog posts have been ordered by time or tag. Both are useful. But calendars don’t typically show how the concepts themselves have evolved. Tags get a bit closer, especially when sorted by date, but their emphasis leans toward categorization. Here, the focus is shifted to relationships.

This blog is about merging the ponderings of posts over time with the utility of wikis. It’s about broadcasting field logs of observation and building a bed of useful knowledge others can take with them. I don’t know exactly how all this will look in the end, but that’s why it’s an “experiment”.

The site is cultivated from jekyll and some plugins I wrote. Much of the structure and linking is generated from extended markdown syntax, as opposed to manually editing html, css, javascript, or a front-end framework. This allows nontechnical writers to decide how layouts and links take shape.

I hope to make the site available as a template so others can use it to build their own garden beds. But until I’ve tidied up the more disorderly bits, it’s just my little bonsai.

As for content, they are my musings with regard to figuring out what this human thing is all about. Here grows a sort of personal manual for the mind – How does one do human? What about in conjunction with technology? How do you drive this thing?

It’s about questions. Unpacking them. Unravelling them. Uncompressing them. Unreemittingly asking them. Questions about learning. Questions about mind. Questions about technology. Questions about morality. Questions about questions.

It is not unlikely that I will annoy you with all my blasted questions. So if you can stand all the questions, feel free to stay a while: Judge the ideas herein based on their merit and please cultivate those that are not weeds.